7 Reasons to Garden

The New Year has come and gone and for many so have resolutions. If you are like me, busy, stressed and trying to carve out “me time”, spring will bring the perfect opportunity: Gardening!  After looking into it a bit, the mental and physical benefits are huge. Just what we busy people need: guilt free time to ourselves. Check out these excellent reasons to garden:

  1. Exercise.  When you are doing something you enjoy, you won’t even know you are exercising.  Moving dirt, hauling gardening tools, pushing a wheelbarrow and pulling weeds are all hidden forms of fitness training.  You are supporting your own weight, increasing balance and strengthening bones.
  2. Outside activity. Everyone knows we need Vitamin D and that 15 minutes a day in the sun can keep depression away so reap these benefits while gardening.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  3. Fresh food and flowers. The satisfaction of serving your home grown veggies and decorating with flowers from your garden is amazing.  Talk about all-natural and organic-what could be fresher or healthier?
  4. Stress relief.  You cannot be on your smart phone when your hands are covered in dirt.  The therapeutic benefits of unplugging cannot be denied.  Feeling productive and seeing the results of your gardening projects are very gratifying.  Unlike doing the dishes or laundry which is a never ending battle, growing tomatoes, lettuce or sunflowers has a beginning, middle and end which makes us feel like we have used our time well.
  5. Attitude adjustment.  Studies show that gardening decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol which improves your mood. Being outside with nature makes you feel good without effort; you do not have to work at enjoying nature.
  6. Guilt free. Unlike leaving your family to head to the gym or a Zumba class, you are at home, spending a minimal amount of money.  If you like, get your family involved.  Kids love to get dirty and will feel that same sense of accomplishment from growing and eating something they planted themselves. You may even get them to eat their vegetables!
  7. Curb appeal. Do not under estimate the satisfaction and pride you will feel when you drive up to your house and see that while you thought you were reducing stress you have been also added to the beauty of your property.

Spring has always felt like a new beginning to me. It is when things bloom, snow gives way to grass and baseball starts. So maybe gardening is not a New Year’s resolution per say, but the start of something new and wonderful. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, I hope you have a beautiful growing season.


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