How and Why Bobbex Works

Why Bobbex Repellents are a Better Choice.

Naturally Better Repellent

The key to Bobbex’s success is the use of natural, safe ingredients that (in our tested and proven formulas) frighten and naturally repulse Deer and other herbivores. Created with animal proteins and other organic elements, the active ingredients in Bobbex Repellents include putrescent eggs, fish meal, fish oil, meat meal, garlic, cloves, and more.

Bobbex Deer and Animal Repellents when used as directed are safe for people, pets, wildlife and aquatic life. And because they are NOT a pesticides or poisons, they promote a healthier growing environment and are therefore classified as safe but effective “fear” repellents.

Also present in Bobbex are Urea and Epsom (high in Nitrogen and Phosphorus), making the use of Bobbex Repellents beneficial for vegetation development. While most competing products contain 6 ingredients or less (and many just 3 or less), Bobbex’s proven formulas utilize 12.

Finally, our lasting topical sprays coat surfaces with an undetectable clear film that helping plants to retain moisture during unseasonably dry or drought conditions.

Your 100% Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

If you are not satisfied with this product, Bobbex Inc. will refund the suggested retail price or replace it with an item of equal value. Proof of purchase required.

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