Gardeners’ Fall to do List

Autumn in New England is most people’s favorite season. The dog days of summer are behind. The heat and humidity were survived for another year.  Seems everybody looks forward to the beautiful days and cool nights.  The brilliant colors of the changing leaves bring people from all over the country to enjoy. The phrase: “winter […]

Mulch Vs. Nuggets

 Mulch vs. Nuggets Now that Memorial Day is here, most yards have been cleaned up, fertilized and ready for summer. Because it has been a slow start to spring perhaps the last big job is what to cover the landscape beds with? Today most gardeners use mulch in their beds to cover the soil helping […]

Practice What You Preach-Protect Your Flowers

Practice what you Preach-Protect your Flowers! The recent spring weather has turned winter like in Connecticut. Last week we had snow showers and temperatures, barely above freezing. On opening day of professional baseball the east coast team’s players dressed as if they going mountain climbing, not playing baseball. Two weeks previously it was the exact […]