Deter Deer with Awesome Plants

Bee Balm is one of many highly fragrant plants deer tend to avoid.
Deter deer with tried and true measures, including planting fragrant varieties that prompt deer to retreat. Protect all your plants with the number one deer repellent, and the garden will burst with bounty.

Create a glorious blooming garden that will also deter deer. How? Fill the landscape with plants deer usually don’t bother, including highly fragrant and textured varieties. Read on for tips.

Taste and Texture Turn-Offs for Deer

Some of the most enchanting plants to grow are those deer find distasteful. Find out how these attractive forces of nature steer deer away. 

The Whiff Factor: Deer detect odors on a similar level to dogs, with White-tailed deer processing up to six smells at a time. Given this, deer find floral scents extremely intense, prompting them to move on. Sweeten the garden and show deer the exit with fragrant beauties such as Gardenia, Heliotrope, Lavender, Lilac, Peonies and Roses. Top herbs that delight people and deter deer include Anise, Bee Balm, Catmint and Ornamental Onion. 

A Touchy Tongue: Given their keenly sensitive palates, deer are repelled by many sensations, including bitter and tingly. Star-studded plants that fit the bill are many, among them Black Cohosh’s bitter spiked flowers, Cinquefoil’s finely textured foliage, Juniper’s oily needles, and the velvety foliage of Lamb’s Ears.

Probably Not Interested: There are also a considerable number of plants deer tend to avoid, due to shear lack of appeal. When planning a garden that will keep deer at bay, this list of Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance is a great resource; it includes many varieties that are rarely damaged by deer. Here you will find many garden treasures such as Butterfly Bush, False Indigo, Iris, Russian Sage, and Snapdragon.

Number One Topical Protection

Plants that are fragrant, textured, or generally ignored by deer are ideal choices for gardens of all sizes. However, these plants cannot do all the work of fending off deer. Shield them with the safe, effective, number one proven topical Bobbex Deer Repellent.

Bobbex dries on clear, is long-lasting and environmentally gentle. Comprised of organic elements, such as garlic, cloves, fish oil and more, Bobbex is the ultimate deterrent. What’s more, Bobbex enhances plant development with its high levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorous.

Deter Deer With Nature at the Helm

One of the easiest paths to a garden free of deer damage is organic. Select scented and textured plants that turn deer off. Add varieties deer generally pass up. Safeguard all plants with eco-friendly Bobbex Deer Repellent. And you have the recipe for an award winning garden! 

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