Plant Fall Bulbs For Spring Beauty

Spring beauty emerges from fall planted bulbs. Purple, pink, and white blooms make a magnificent show.
Enjoy many of Mother Nature’s captivating flowers when you plant fall bulbs. From early to late spring, a kaleidoscope of colors and textures will make their debut.

Plant bulbs this fall, and you’ll enjoy gorgeous blooms in spring. One of the major benefits of growing bulbs is the ease of planting them. Set them in soil properly protected from animals, and when spring arrives, relax and watch the magnificence unfold! Read on for tips.

Choosing Bulbs

Choices Galore

There are many stunning bulbs to plant in fall for spring, including crocus, daffodils, hyacinth, iris, snowdrops, tulips, and winter aconite. The list goes on.

What’s more, fall bulbs have varying spring bloom times: very early, early, mid spring, and late season. That means it is possible to feast your eyes on spring flowers from February through May. In order to choose bulbs suited to your climate, note your growing zone before making purchases. Peruse selections at local nurseries, in catalogs and/or online.

Planting Tips

When to Plant

This first freeze date range is a handy guide on when to plant bulbs in fall. Dates may be a bit flexible, as they are estimates based on historical climate data. Generally, it is advised to plant bulbs when the soil temperature is below 60 degrees F. or about 6 weeks before a hard frost.

Easy Planting

Planting fall bulbs is relatively easy, and bulbs are easy going…they will thrive in containers, beautify a small garden, and offer immense visual impact when planted en masse. For design ideas, bulbs by zone, a planting chart and more, visit this fall bulbs for spring flowers article.

The Secret to Protecting Bulbs

Chipmunks, squirrels, voles and other critters are lured by both freshly dug soil and subtle bulb scents. Given this, it is important to protect bulbs at planting time. The secret to successfully preserving your bulbs is eco-friendly Bobbex-R Animal Repellent, which doubles as a bulb dip. Watch this video on how to coat your bulbs with Bobbex-R before planting.

Add an extra line of defense by spraying the planting holes with Bobbex-R before and after putting the bulbs in soil. As with all Bobbex products, Bobbex-R is safe and won’t harm people, pets, wildlife or aquatic life. Made from organic elements including fish oil, garlic, and clove oil, Bobbex is long lasting and won’t wash off. What’s more, Bobbex dries on clear, so plant beauty shines through.

It is important to clean up the planting area as soon as you are finished, to keep critters away. Add a thin layer of mulch or shredded leaves, so your newly planted, Bobbex-protected bulbs escape detection.

What goes down will come up!

Flowering bulbs have been beautifying landscapes for centuries. Plant bulbs in fall and you will be dazzled in spring with a garden filled with jewel tones, pastels and primary colors. The key is to protect the bulbs before they are even set in soil. Eco-friendly Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is the proven, effective way to accomplish this.

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