Plant in Fall for a Fabulous Spring!

Give Wild Blue Indigo a start in fall for root establishment. Spring will bring blue flowers that will welcome pollinators.
When you plant in fall, perennials and other varieties have a chance to set roots before winter’s rest and spring’s burst. Add some Wild Blue Indigo (Baptisia Australis) to the garden for a tough, drought tolerant, pollinator-friendly bloomer.

You will reap many rewards when you plant in fall, among them getting a head start on next year’s spring season. Add lovely perennials, shrubs and trees to the landscape now for a fabulous show after the winter thaw! Read on.

Why Plant in Fall?

With fewer weather stressors in fall than spring, the environment is gentler on both gardener and garden. Plants started in fall focus their energy on root development and growth, before winter dormancy. When plants reemerge in spring, their priority shifts to producing beautiful and bountiful flowers and foliage.  

Key reasons to plant in fall:

*Cooler air means less heat stress and minimal transplant shock.

*There are fewer pests and weeds in fall.

*Less watering is required now, given cooler temps and more rain.

*Fewer fungal diseases arise due to less humidity.

*Warm soil provides insulation, in addition to supporting root development.

*Gardeners have more free time than in spring!

Plan and Plant

A good first step in fall planning is to confirm your growing zone, so you choose varieties that will thrive in your climate. Another tip is to find your first freeze date range for your growing area, to ensure that you plant before a hard frost.

Wondering what you can plant in fall for spring? Here are a few ideas:  

*Fall planted, spring flowering bulbs are easy to plant, and bring spectacular colors to the spring garden. Some bloom as early as late winter!

*For stunning deer-resistant native plants, many of which attract pollinators, offers this list of ten native wildflowers to plant this fall.

*Some of the most popular flowering shrubs to plant in fall for spring blooming are hydrangeas, lilacs and rhododendrons.

*There are many options for planting trees in fall, so consider including some in your plan.

For more ideas and inspiration, peruse some online articles and nursery websites. And visit your local garden center to see what they are featuring. You might even find some good deals this time of year!

Protect Your Investment

Another key to fall planting and spring blooming success is protection against deer damage. Number one rated Bobbex Deer Repellent is the time-honored choice for garden preservation.

Eco-friendly Bobbex is a safe and long-lasting topical that covers the entire plant top to bottom, and dries on clear. It is critical to continue to keep plants covered with Bobbex throughout the year, especially as winter draws near. Deer will become less particular when plant choices dwindle, which means everything in your garden will be fair game. Deer don’t take a break from browsing, so shielding plants should continue uninterrupted. All Bobbex products are safe for people, pets, plants, wildlife and aquatic life.

New Beginnings

While fall’s beauty is in part a farewell to summer, fall is ripe with beginnings. Gifts of mild temperatures, warm soil, and more, provide a launch pad for spring gardens! Enjoy this exciting time of fresh starts and new possibilities.  

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