How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

One of the most common questions gardeners ask is how to keep rabbits out of the garden. It is important to deter them, as these animals are small in stature but large in appetite and determination. The rabbit’s list of preferred flowering and edible plants reads like a garden catalog! Protect your landscape without harm […]

Keep Deer Away Easily and Safely

Do you find it challenging to keep deer away without using chemicals or disrupting your landscape with scare tactics? Follow some easy measures for preserving the garden you’ve lovingly created. Read on for strategies. Plant Living “Stop Signs” Deer are roaming around neighborhoods more freely these days. Intercept them before they enter your property with […]

Grow Hostas Without Deer Damage

Do you want to grow Hostas but are concerned deer will devour them?  You can add these stunning plants to your garden without them becoming “deer lettuce”.  Read on for tips on growing lush Hostas free from deer. A Hosta For Every Garden Need There are almost as many reasons to grow Hostas as there […]