Which Deer Repellent Is Best?

Healthy Hostas are growing on this property because the homeowner uses Bobbex Deer Repellent to keep the deer from eating her plants.
Bobbex user Mary B. shared this photo with the following message: “We have 9 acres of woods with no fences and a herd of deer. This is what Bobbex lets me grow!” Read on to find out more about what the # 1 Deer Repellent can help you grow.

Which Deer Repellent is Best?

There are now more deer lining up to gobble your garden and more deer repellents lining store shelves than ever. Many companies claim to offer the best product to deter deer. With so many options, how do you find a safe, reliable repellent?  For guidance, it helps to turn to both efficacy studies and the experience of seasoned gardeners.

Bobbex Vs. The Competition – No Contest

There has been a flood of deer repellents over the years, but few comparative studies available. In response to this lack of objective information, the State of Connecticut Department of Horticulture conducted a study of the effectiveness of old and new repellents in reducing deer browse damage.

Ten deer repellents were put to the test on Evergreen Yews, a deer favorite. Each repellent was graded on its safety and effectiveness.

Bobbex Deer Repellent earned a protective index score of 93% — second only to a physical fence and outranking the other repellents by a wide margin. Bobbex was declared hands down the #1 Deer Repellent.

The Start of Bobbex

A few decades ago, an accomplished chemist and avid gardener named Bob Ecsedy decided to find an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers for his garden. His homemade formula fortified his plants and as an added bonus, kept the deer away! After testing a few different formulas, Mr. Ecsedy (known as Bob X) asked friends, colleagues and local garden centers to trial his deer repellent. Reports of success poured in, and thus was the start of Bobbex Deer Repellent, which continues to stand the test of time!

Safe, Gentle Deterrence

Made from eco-friendly ingredients such as clove oils, garlic, fish meal and more, Bobbex is safe for the plants it coats as well as for people, pets, wildlife and aquatic life. It repels deer through smell and taste. An added bonus is the fact that the formula contains Nitrogen and Phosphorous which aid in healthy plant development. There is no safer, gentler way to ease deer off your property so plants can reach their bountiful best.

What Bobbex Lets You Grow

The most compelling testaments to Bobbex’s effectiveness come from customers. Each year, Bobbex holds seasonal photo contests, and gardeners from around the country share pictures of their thriving plants. In fact, images of beautiful Hostas, lilies, and roses, all deer favorites, are the best certifications of success! Want to see some of the gorgeous plants Bobbex helps gardeners grow? Visit the link below to view the “Super Summer Plants” photo contest entries. https://1.shortstack.com/6XN42X  View more customer photos and find out about upcoming photo contests on the Bobbex Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BobbexInc/

Enjoy The Ultimate Garden

You can have a garden that reaches award-winning status when you protect your landscape from deer decimation. The best deer repellent and garden partner is Bobbex, which provides safe, long-lasting, on-plant protection. Choose the #1 Deer Repellent for your soon-to-be #1 garden!

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