Protect Evergreens in Winter  

Protect evergreens in winter from harsh conditions such as snow, and foraging deer.
Evergreens in winter provide a unique beauty and structure to the landscape. However, they need to be protected from ice, snow, harsh winds, and foraging deer. Read on for simple steps.

Evergreens in winter are one of the most magnificent sights to behold, particularly when draped in pristine snow. Preserving their beauty through the season requires some simple steps to protect against destructive deer browsing, ice and winter winds. Read on for tips.

Evergreens Offer Year-Round Benefits

Unwavering in strength and longevity, and unmatched in yearlong beauty, the evergreen is the bedrock of the landscape. Benefits to garden and gardener are many:

*Require very little maintenance once established.

*Can be grown in containers and in-ground.

*Provide structure and interest to small and large gardens.

*Help prevent soil erosion.

*Offer living barriers and privacy screens.

*Act as wind-breaks for other plants.

*Cleanse the air and reduce noise.

Potential Perils to Evergreens in Winter

Evergreens are undoubtedly one of the sturdiest and most self-sufficient of shrubs and trees. However, their health can be threatened by winter challenges, including winds that dehydrate, heavy ice and snow on branches, and deer foraging and girdling.  

The worst of these affronts is deer damage. And, your evergreens are of particular interest to deer now, as most other plants are dormant. For one, deer tear their food which causes leaf and needle wounds that at best may take years to repair. In addition, antler rubbing on bark, known as tree girdling, also severely injures trees. Shredded bark invites diseases and interrupts the flow of nutrients. Therefore, proactive prevention is essential to maintain the well-being and integrity of your evergreens.

Effective, Protective Measures

Start with the #1 Defender of Evergreens, Bobbex Deer Repellent.  In an independent test conducted by the State of Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture, ten deer repellents were applied to Evergreen Yews (a deer favorite) and ranked. Bobbex scored highest of all repellents with a 93% protective index score, second only to a physical fence!

Spray your evergreens in winter with Bobbex as long as the outside temperature is above 35 degrees. The repellent dries on clear and is long lasting. Eco-friendly Bobbex formulas contain ingredients such as clove oils, fish meal and garlic, all safe for people, plants and animals. Deer are gently eased away due to the unpleasant smell and taste. The scent will only be evident to people for 24 hours, but will be noticeable to deer for much longer.

Cover evergreens with burlap for warmth and a windbreak, in between spraying with Bobbex. Burlap is porous enough to allow air and water in. But it will also keep your evergreens warm, impervious to ice, snow and wind, and inaccessible to deer.

Protect soil with a light spreading of mulch around evergreen trees and shrubs to aid in water retention and insulation, and to help prevent soil heaving. The stronger the plants and roots the better resistance to attack. Also, allow a light layer of snow to remain around the base of shrubs and trees, as this will provide additional moisture and insulation.

Simple Steps Reap Big Benefits

Evergreens are attractive, low maintenance anchors of the garden year-round. They possess many natural means for surviving challenges. However, they cannot fend for themselves against deer browsing and harsh winter weather. Proactive steps taken now to shield them will help ensure continued good health for your beautiful, hard-working evergreens.

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