Grow Hostas Without Deer Damage

You can grow beautiful, healthy Hostas that deer will leave alone. Use safe, effective Bobbex Deer Repellent to keep deer from munching your plants.
Create a deer-free Hosta haven, and enjoy the tropical beauty of these low maintenance plants. Eco-friendly Bobbex Deer Repellent will keep your Hostas safe and healthy while easing deer away from your garden.

Do you want to grow Hostas but are concerned deer will devour them?  You can add these stunning plants to your garden without them becoming “deer lettuce”.  Read on for tips on growing lush Hostas free from deer.

A Hosta For Every Garden Need

There are almost as many reasons to grow Hostas as there are varieties! Whether you have a small garden or expansive yard, Hostas will add a unique and beautiful touch. A few of the many reasons to grow them include:

*Great solution for shady spots.

*Tropical good looks coupled with rugged strength.

*Attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

*Easy going, low maintenance, and relatively disease-free. 

*Simple to divide so you can grow more or share with friends.

Choosing Hostas

Known for their striking foliage, Hostas’ textured leaves encircle floral centers, some of which are fragrant. Foliage colors include greens, blues, chartreuse, white, and variegated.  Hostas will shimmer and brighten the landscape both in containers and in-ground. Below are some tips for getting your Hostas started.

Location: There are many Hosta varieties for shade and some that will beautify partially sunny spots. Note the light conditions in your garden, so you can choose suitable varieties.

Space: Hostas can range in height from a few inches to 5 feet and grow to many different widths. Your choices range from miniature to mighty tall! Be sure to plan your space whether you will plant in-ground, or in containers.  

Popular Hosta Varieties: Some popular Hosta varieties include powder blue Autumn Frost; “2008 Hosta of the Year” Blue Mouse Ears; heart-leaved Earth Angel; variegated Patriot; and the gold-leafed “giant” Sum and Substance. Visit this Almanac Hosta Guide for more information on shapes, sizes and varieties, as well as how to plant and care for Hostas. Another good resource for all things Hosta is this Better Homes and Gardens Hosta Encyclopedia

Grow Hostas Without Feeding Deer

When it comes to Hostas, deer have good “taste” in plants. They love the succulent, crunchy leaves. However, you CAN safely steer deer away from your garden before they begin a Hosta meal.

Bobbex will safely protect your Hostas while deterring the deer. Eco-friendly Bobbex Deer Repellent coats plant leaves to create a smell and taste that are unpleasant to deer. Unlike pesticides or poisons, Bobbex formulas are harmless to people, pets, wildlife, and aquatic creatures when used as directed.

Bobbex was rated Number 1 in an independent study conducted by the State of Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture. Conducted in the deer-saturated Connecticut region, the study was designed to rate the effectiveness of deer repellents. Bobbex was found to have a 93% Protective Index Score, considerably higher than all competitors tested.

A Hosta Haven For Heavenly Hostas

Eye-catching, low maintenance Hostas bring so much interest and beauty to gardens. Preserve their health and magnificence by following a safe deer deterrence program with Bobbex. When you create a Hosta haven, you will soon be enjoying the exotic beauty of heavenly Hostas!

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