Easy Garden Design Ideas

Plant shrubs and flowers of varying heights for greatest visual impact.
This garden design features many elements, including flowering plants, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Add Bobbex Deer Repellent to safely guard the garden, and you have all the ingredients for success!

The best way to prepare for spring’s arrival is with a garden design! There are many easy ways to arrange plants and shrubs around your property. So, let the ideas and creativity flow, as you “paint” a palette of plants! Following are some tips to guide you along the path.

Where Should I Plant?

Before you walk the property, find your growing zone and prepare a list of plants compatible with the climate. There is no better recipe for success than planting varieties that will have virtually all needs met with minimal maintenance.

Note the following main factors when identifying potential garden sites: presence of sun/shade, access to rain or irrigation, and soil composition and depth. You can take a soil sample to your county extension agent for testing. Once you have location options, measure the area, so you can experiment on paper with number of plants and spacing.

Flower Bed Shapes and Structures

Circular, border bed, kidney shape, or something else? This is a personal choice and partly driven by whether other plantings or structures will share garden space. In addition, shape may be determined by the layout of the area you’ve selected for planting. Following are time-tested guidelines for positioning plants in gardens of all shapes and sizes.

*Position tallest plants in the back; shortest in the front.

*Space plants based on how large they will be at maturity. This prevents overcrowding.

*Plant varieties in odd rather than even numbers for a more natural look.

*Consider groundcover instead of mulch for longevity and visual interest.

*Add shrubs and ornamental grasses for varied textures. Grasses blow in the wind, giving gardens a sense of movement.

Garden Design Options

Now comes the really fun part of planning – the garden design. Themes are many and varied. Here are some for consideration:

Above ground: Container gardens, and patio and raised beds are ideal for those with poor soil or limited space.

Color: Options include monochromatic tones, complementary colors which are opposite each other on the color wheel, and analogous hues which are next to one another.

Plant-Type Themes: Perennial gardens are very popular, as are rose and cottage gardens. Vertical gardens showcase vining and other climbing plants.

Pre-planned gardens: If there are time constraints or other limits to designing your garden, pre-planned gardens are a wonderful solution. Many online nurseries offer these kits which include easy to grow varieties, a plant placement guide, and care instructions.

Special features: Cutting gardens are fun for flower arranging. Fragrant plantings delight with floral scents, and water gardens sooth with sights and sounds.

Visit this article on garden ideas and plans for additional tips on transforming your yard into a stunning outdoor space.

Protect Your Investment

Once you’ve designed your garden and purchased shrubs, plants and trees, it is time to plant!

In addition to the tools, soil, and water to get your garden going, there is a key to keeping your treasures safe and healthy indefinitely. Don’t deliver your plants to deer on a silver platter. Coat plants with top rated Bobbex Deer Repellent, the eco-friendly, long lasting topical.

Bobbex repels deer gently and effectively through an unpleasant smell and taste. Bobbex won’t wash off and can be used year-round. In winter, make sure it is over 35 degrees Fahrenheit before spraying your plants.

Garden Design and Protection Equal Success

Gardening is one of the most rewarding experiences, and for many, a lifelong activity. Success is easy when you select plants suited to your climate, plant them for optimal growth, and protect them with Bobbex Deer Repellent. Simply follow the formula of right conditions, best placements and the top deer repellent!   

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