Drought Tolerant Plants Offer Easy Care Beauty

Plant drought tolerant plants such as lantana for low maintenance beauty.
Drought tolerant plants deliver more during periods of less. When dry spells or watering mandates result in minimal hydration, these varieties remain steadfast. Their endurance is matched by their good looks.

Drought tolerant plants address a number of garden challenges and needs. Above all, they sustain a vibrant garden when there is little irrigation or rainfall. What’s more, these varieties are low maintenance, contribute to overall garden health, offer budgetary rewards and are visual delights!

Drought Tolerant Plants – A Bundle of Benefits

The benefits of growing drought tolerant plants are many. These remarkable plants survive and thrive during natural dry spells, and with minimal irrigation. This is an invaluable plant characteristic, given a growing need for water conservation. In addition to this major plus, garden and gardener will also enjoy these perks: 

*Low maintenance means less work for the gardener.

*Decreased water use results in lower water bills.

*Less water runoff will help minimize soil erosion.

*Disease resistance keeps plants robust.

*Replacing turf areas leads to less mowing and pesticides.

Choosing Plants for the Water-Wise Landscape

One of the most beautiful and effective ways to create a water-wise garden is with drought tolerant plants and hardscape elements. 

There is no shortage of plants that can handle water shortages. Some top offerings include coneflower, lantana, marigolds, verbena, and yarrow. Peruse this list of drought tolerant plants to find suitable matches for your garden. An added bonus is that many of these stunning plants are pollinator magnets!

Consider incorporating landscape features that are visually appealing and don’t involve irrigation. For example, hardscape designs include decks, gravel pathways, permeable paving, patios, and river stones. There are no limits to the ways you can weave these garden design elements with drought tolerant plants for water conservation. This article from Better Homes and Gardens provides design ideas for water efficient landscapes

Drought Tolerant Plants and Deer

You can have a garden that is not only beautiful and water efficient, but also protected from deer dining! Keep your water wise plants and all others healthy and damage free with eco-friendly Bobbex Deer Repellent. In addition to ranking number one in an independent test of deer repellents, Bobbex has been saving gardens for decades. 

Bobbex is an easy-to-spray topical that dries clear on plants and won’t wash off. All Bobbex formulas consist of non-toxic ingredients including garlic, clove oil, fish meal and more. Both the smell and taste turn deer away from the sprayed plants. 

Top Protection for Ideal Performance

Take good care of your plants and they will work hard to deliver the delight. Drought tolerant plants have an advantage over other varieties, in their ability to navigate dry spells. Give all your plants a key advantage – keep the deer away from devouring them with safe, tried and true Bobbex. Your plants will thank you with their beauty and bounty.


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