Annual Plants Deer Don’t Like

Bright lavender Argeratum annuals bring beauty to the garden but not the deer. They tend to leave these plants alone.
Annual plants add captivating color to the garden. Choose varieties that are deer resistant, so the blooms are yours to enjoy without deer damage.

Annual plants, which complete their lifecycle in one season, are a great choice for an instant flowering garden. Their show is short term, but high velocity! They burst with glorious, continuous blooms, many up until frost.

What’s more, annual plants are versatile. They can be used in flower beds – either alone or mixed with perennials, in containers or hanging baskets. When choosing annuals, favor deer-resistant varieties so you can enjoy them all season without fear of them being devoured as soon as they’re planted.

Selecting Annual Plants

There are many grand choices for blanketing the garden in pastel and primary colored annuals. For unsurpassed beauty and deer resistance, here are some time-honored favorites:

Ageratum: This is one of the few annuals that blooms in “true blue”. Other colors include lavender, pink and white. Many Ageratum varieties are fragrant, and all yield feathery and fuzzy flowers. They will brighten the garden late spring through fall, when planted in full sun.

Alyssum: It is also referred to as Sweet Alyssum for its vanilla/honey scented flowers, a draw for bees and butterflies. Lavender, pink and white blooms form spreading mounds on this annual plant. Alyssum grows well in full sun in cooler climates, and part shade in hot areas.

Cleome (Aka Spider Flower): Known for its long, slim flower stamens, Spider Flower brings pink, purple, rose, white, and bi-color interest early summer until frost. Stems can reach up to 6 feet tall. Full sun to light shade are ideal for this annual.

Celosia: Thrives best in a garden bed, where it can expand freely. One of the favored varieties produces exotic blooms that resemble wheat, in many vibrant colors including yellow, red and orange. Flowers can be dried and are lovely when cut for bouquets. Celosia require full sun and will bloom summer through fall.

Marigolds: Dense, ruffled blooms illuminate the garden in solid orange, golden yellow and white, and are exceptional as cut flowers. These sun loving plants range in height from 5 inches to 3 feet. The most common varieties grown are African, French and Signet Marigolds.

Snapdragon: Known as hardy annuals, Snapdragon prefer cool temperatures for flowering, in early spring or areas where winters are mild. Open faced, double flowers are said to resemble a dragon’s snout, hence the name. The blooms are exceptionally large, daintily textured and bring a notable flair to bouquets.

Find more annual plant choices by contacting your local county extension office or viewing this list of plants rated by deer resistance. A neighborhood garden center is also a good place to explore choices, as well as make purchases.

Top Deer Protection for Annuals

What could be better than an easy set up flower garden with deer resistant plants? Shielding them with number one rated Bobbex Deer Repellent.

Coating plants with eco-friendly Bobbex provides an extra measure of protection, and lets you grow deer favorites like impatiens and pansies as well. Bobbex topical dries on clear so the floral beauty shines through. It is long lasting, won’t wash off and deters deer through smell and taste.

Add deer resistant, annual flowering plants to the landscape for radiance and rapture. And, keep the show of high performing annuals off limits to deer, with safe, effective Bobbex.

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