Winter’s Snow Hides Vole Activity

Did you ever wonder how those pathways you find in your lawn after the snow melts got there? Unfortunately, these unsightly pathways are made by voles (also known as meadow mice) and may run by your favorite trees and flower bulbs.  If you are lucky the paths only run from one animal burrow opening to another.  Damage can be extensive during the winter when voles multiply and their food source is limited.  The snow becomes a safe place from predators and the vole population increases. Voles are active throughout the year.  They can kill trees and ornamentals by chewing bark around the trunk and girdling them. The majority of vole damage is made in the winter months and the worst cases have coincided with years when there are heavy snowfalls.  Preventative measures can be taken to protect from voles: keep the snow away from shrubs and young trees.  Also, wrapping wire mesh around the lower trunks of trees will keep the voles from getting the chance to damage them. Animal repellents and humane traps are also available for vole control.


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