Winter Tree Damage Can Harm Gardens

Winter tree damage can lead to injury to shrubs and perennials. Trees are a natural source of protection for plants, shading them, providing windbreaks, aiding in water retention and more, Take measures to protect trees in winter for greater vitality in spring.

Frost, ice, freezing temperatures, sunscald, windburn, road salt and pests can all cause winter tree damage. Insects and animals can cause irreversible damage to deciduous and evergreen trees without proper prevention.

Hungry deer will eat any part of a tree, including bark and twigs, and animals can “girdle” a tree by nibbling in a ring around its trunk. The exposed trunk then becomes a feast for mammals, birds and insects, leading to disease or even death to the tree.

Protection Tips for Trees

Healthy trees can often withstand winter assaults without lasting injury, but protection is key to keeping your landscapes healthy and safe.

There are some easy steps to help prevent winter tree damage. To stymie pests, wrap trunks and low branches of young trees in hardwire cloth (fine wire mesh) or burlap. Both materials allow water and sunlight through, and the burlap may help retain warmth.

Keep watering trees right up until the ground freezes and apply light mulch to help warm the soil and increase water retention. Never mound it up around the trunks of your trees and shrubs as sometimes, mulch becomes a hideaway for small pests.

Keeping Hungry Animals Away

Herbivores, and most notably deer are creatures of habit. Once they find food, they will continually return to that spot. You can “train” these scavengers by making your landscape very unappealing.

Regular use of Bobbex deer repellents ensures deer and other hungry animals will be re-routed after repeated experiences with the safe, but unpleasant odor and taste of the repellent.

It’s eco-friendly and long-lasting, perfectly safe for you, your pets, and your plants. Apply Bobbex anytime the temperature is above 35 degrees. You won’t notice the smell after a few hours—but the deer and other pests will. They’ll steer clear of any trees, shrubs or plants you’ve treated.

Trees are the guardians of the landscape. Keep them protected from animals and the elements this winter and be rewarded with beautiful gardens this spring.

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