The Many Reasons To Plant In Fall

Planting in fall has many benefits. One of the many trees that does well when planted now is the evergreen. A gardener demonstrates how to carefully remove the tree, root and soil from the container in this photo.

Want to know the secret to an amazing spring garden? Plant in fall. There are spring flowering bulbs that must be planted now, as well as many shrubs and trees that will thrive in spring when planted in autumn.

The secret to an amazing spring garden is to plant in fall. Fall’s virtues give plants, shrubs and trees a healthy start, so they reach top vitality and beauty in spring. Read on for the many reasons to get into the autumn sun and plant!

Cooler temperatures mean less stress on plants and a comfortable environment for you.

Less water stress and better water retention are additional benefits to lower temperatures.

Warm soil allows roots to establish quickly and grow until the ground freezes.

Fewer pests and diseases in fall lead to better overall plant health and strength.

Easier transitions for new and divided plants are a benefit of less stress.

Dwindling weeds make soil prep, planting and transplanting easier.

No fertilizing saves time and money. Fertilization promotes new growth, so it should not be applied, as winter weather may damage new buds.

What To Plant – Options Abound

There are many amazing flowering and edible plants to start now. Spring flowering bulbs must be planted in fall. Cool season vegetables need their start in fall or early spring. You also have a choice of numerous plants, shrubs and trees that will reap fall planting benefits, though they can be spring planted as well.

Favorite spring flowering bulbs to plant now include crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, irises, jonquils, snowdrops and tulips.

Flowering perennials that thrive in spring and summer when planted in fall include some varieties of Astilbe, Dianthus, Gaillardia, Penstemon and Salvia, many of which attract bees and hummingbirds.

Most deciduous shrubs do very well when started this season. Trees for fall planting include ash, crabapple, elm, maple, pines, spruce and sycamore.

Cool season veggies add additional joy to fall gardening. For produce that will color the landscape and provide tasty meals, add some carrots, kale, radishes and spinach to the garden.

For more ideas for your growing zone, your County Extension office is a good resource.

Tips For Fall Planting

Here are some tips for planting new seedlings as well as transplanting mature specimens.

*Plant up to 6 weeks before your ground freezes. This window gives your plants time to get roots established before winter.

*Well-drained soil is best. Loosen compacted soil with a shovel.

*Place a light layer of mulch around the base of plants. It will provide insulation throughout the winter months.

*Water all new additions thoroughly after planting and continue to water them as needed until the ground freezes.

*Refrain from fertilizing until spring.

*Protect your gardens from deer and small animals at planting time, and throughout the year. Bobbex provides control strategies for each season. For edible gardens, spray Bobbex around the perimeter, but never directly on edibles. Though Bobbex formulas are safe, the taste and smell will make the produce inedible.

What To Expect After Planting

Fall planting allows plants to establish strong roots before going dormant during winter. This is the primary goal before the cold weather sets in.

You should not see much top growth begin on fall-planted shrubs, which is an advantage. New growth now will not endure through winter.

New additions to your garden will work hard “underground” until the soil freezes. When spring arrives, robust root systems will propel your plants into bursts of brilliant blooms.

Plant In Fall For A Super Spring

The soil is warm, the air temperature comfortable, the weeds and bugs are fading away…What better time than now to plant!

Select some sites around your property, choose some plants and start digging in the autumn soil!

A well-deserved winter rest for you and your plants will be followed by a riotous burst of energy and color in spring.

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