The Best Time to Plant? Fall!

Fall colors will burst in autumn, helped along by cooler temperatures and fewer diseases and weeds.
Cooler temperatures and warm soil are just a couple reasons fall is the best time to plant. Mild conditions welcome a wealth of annuals, fall-planted bulbs, perennials and trees.

Why Plant in Fall?

As you celebrate fall’s arrival and harvest season, take advantage of autumn’s top gift – the best time to plant. Following are key reasons and benefits: 

*Lower temperatures offer heat relief.

*Warm soil is easy to dig and comfortable for plants.

*Fewer diseases, insects, and weeds equal less stress.

*Energy goes into root growth, since leaves are dormant now.

*Spring-flowering bulbs get their start in the ground.

Creating the Autumn Landscape

It’s time to replace summer’s fade with a fall fest! Whether you plan a container garden, in-ground plantings or a combination, there is a cornucopia of plants, shrubs and trees from which to choose. Be sure to plan around the last fall frost date in your zip code for best growing conditions.

Annuals: Fall-colored mums are spectacular, tried-and-true choices for small and large gardens. Plant mums exclusively or add pizazz with annuals in blues, pinks, purples and reds. Choices include hardy alyssum, colorful croton, cheerful pansies, festive ornamental peppers, and plumes of purple fountain grass.

Perennials: Create a fall foliage landscape with a fusion of colors, textures and plant heights. There are many flowering perennials in fiery autumn shades that can be planted now. Some lovely options include coreopsis, echinacea, ornamental grass, rudbeckia, and sedum. More choices on the best plants for fall can be found in Good Housekeeping magazine’s article 30 best fall flowers.

Trees for Fall Color: Bring fall color to greater heights with trees that light up in amber, crimson, plum, scarlet, and sepia! Enjoy a canopy of color, rainfall of leaves and patchwork of leafy groundcover. Popular trees to plant for stunning autumn color are Apple Serviceberry, Chokeberry, Dogwood, Red Oak, and Sugar Maple.

Autumn Garden Art: Add even more autumn sensations around your home by decorating decks, entryways, front doors and trellises with ornamental corn, gourds, pumpkins, straw bales and wreaths. These autumn mainstays bring cheerful beauty to the season.

Best Time to Deter Deer

Fresh plantings in your garden will be highly tempting to deer, as they love new growth. Fall is the best time to plant and also key for putting a deer deterrence strategy in place. And the best solution for deterring deer is #1 proven Bobbex Deer Repellent.

Cover shrubs and trees from top to bottom with Bobbex immediately following planting. Safely protect bulbs before planting by dipping the them in Bobbex, which masks their scent. To add another preventive measure, spray around the soil holes with Bobbex just before putting the bulbs in. The smell of the repellent in freshly dug soil will turn animals away.

In addition to being easy on the environment, Bobbex repellents have health benefits for plants. All formulas are abundant in Nitrogen and Phosphorous, both of which aid in vegetation development. All Bobbex products are safe for people, pets, wildlife and aquatic life.

Fabulous Fall – the Best Time to Plant

Celebrations of the earth’s beauty and bounty are unmatched in autumn. Visual feasts brighten the garden, home, and neighborhood. Take advantage of fall’s easy conditions, and plant to your heart’s content! Be sure to protect shrubs and trees with Bobbex for a landscape of fiery colors free from deer damage.

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