Ten Reasons To Deter Deer

Deter Deer from your garden before they destroy all your plants.
Deter deer for a healthy garden that will burst with blooms, feed pollinators and offer a peaceful respite. Read on to find out top reasons why it is imperative to keep deer off your property and how to do so safely and effectively.

The secret to a beautiful and bountiful garden includes a key strategy – to deter deer. Why? We share ten compelling reasons with you in this month’s blog. Read on.

The Wide Reach Of Deer Damage

You have planned, planted, and nurtured your garden. It is finally at the “relax and enjoy” stage. But wait! Deer are feasting on your delicious plantings. Here are some top reasons to deter deer before they devastate your landscape.

*Plants will be torn and shredded. Deer don’t have upper incisors, so they pull at plants with bottom teeth, leaving flowers and shrubs unsightly and likely unrecoverable.

*Damaged plants are more susceptible to diseases which can spread to other plants in the garden.

*There may be costly garden replacement expenses due to deer browse.

*Deer love the same plants you love! Daylilies, Hostas and roses are some of the garden treasures that deer will snatch from you.

*Pollinators’ important work of producing food will be halted, due to chopped buds and torn blooms. This is a critical issue, as pollinators provide one third of the food we eat.

*Deer typically travel with family and friends, so there will be exponential damage to your flowers, shrubs and trees.

*As creatures of habit, once deer find your landscape to be a 5-star food source, they will continue to visit all year.

*Predators may stalk deer in your yard, endangering your family and pets as well as the deer.

*Deer droppings around your property can potentially transmit E Coli and Chronic Wasting Disease, and the ticks that carry Lyme Disease like to hide on deer.

*Long-lasting impact of immediate deer damage includes reduction in plant and tree growth rates, and lack of plant and wildlife diversity, among other challenges.

Deter Deer The Safe And Effective Way

You can safely and gently usher deer from your garden. How? With #1 Rated Bobbex Deer Repellent. Made with animal proteins and other eco-friendly ingredients, Bobbex Deer Repellent will deter deer in two ways: with a scent that will be unpleasant to deer for a long time (but only evident to people for 24 hours), and a taste that is sure to make deer wince and exit stage left!

Preserve More Than Your Garden

When you deter deer, you do more than shield your landscape. You protect pollinator plants, help curb diseases in the garden, prevent health hazards to people and more. Every protection put in place reduces potential harm. Start with your prevention plan now, and soon there will be countless benefits beginning with an amazing garden!

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