Six Steps To Healthy Plants

Healthy plants start with good soil, and planting at the right time and in the right place.
Beautiful, healthy plants can be yours when you follow six steps to success. Read on to find out how to give your plants the best start to garden stardom!

Do you want to enjoy gorgeous and healthy plants for years to come? Follow six simple steps and soon your yard will be transformed and visitors transfixed! Read on for tips.

*Choose The Site

Stroll your property to identify desired planting areas. Consider your goals. You can add plants to fill gaps, add color, attract pollinators, provide borders and for many other purposes!

Growing conditions need to be factored into plant selection. These include light availability; water accessibility; temperatures; wind exposure; soil type and competition from existing plantings.

Take photos of the area different times of the day to see how light conditions change. Share the site photos with a local nursery or landscaper for some layout and plant suggestions.

*Select Plants For Your Area

Choose varieties for your growing area for best results. One of the most popular sources for finding plants by zone is The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Visit this link to find growing zones in your state.

Another excellent source for matching plants to your climate is this Plant Selection Guide. Here, you will find tips for choosing the right plant for the right place. What’s more, this article offers a list of plants with no significant disease or insect problems, including those native to North America. These are prime selections with high thrive rates!

*Soil For Healthy Plants

Before preparing the soil for your new plants, clean up debris and rocks in the area. Loosen the soil to at least 8 inches deep so plant roots have plenty of room.

Add organic matter to your soil in the form of compost, old leaves, shredded bark mulch, or composted manure. You can either spread 2 or 3 inches on the top of the soil, or dig the organic matter into the soil. By adding these extra nutrients, you will help plants thrive to the max!

*Plant At The Right Time

To make sure the “coast is clear” for planting without frost, check the last spring frost date in your zip code. In addition, obtain the weather forecast for the day/s you plan to plant to make sure temperatures are moderate and the soil is soft, but not soggy. Plants will transition better in warm rather than cold soil. So, check the soil temperature with a soil thermometer before planting.

*Protect Plants With Bobbex

Deer and other herbivores love new growth. That means once your plants are soil-bound, it’s time to cover them with safe, long-lasting Bobbex Deer Repellent. All Bobbex formulas are composed of eco-friendly ingredients that gently repel animals through taste and smell.

Bobbex Repellents are sprayed directly on bud, bloom, leaf, and stem. In addition to being easy on the environment, these repellents have health benefits for plants. All formulas are abundant in Nitrogen and Phosphorous, both of which aid in vegetation development.  

*Maintain and Marvel

Once your plants are set in their home, nurture them for optimal growth. Continue spraying with Bobbex. Water and feed plants as needed. Inspect foliage for damage and insects. Cut away dead plant matter and control weeds. And above all, take time to marvel at and enjoy your amazing garden!

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