Shade-Loving, Deer-Resistant Plants

Shade loving, deer resistant Columbine is a gorgeous plant to add to the garden.
Columbine, a shade-loving, deer-resistant plant, transforms low light areas of the garden with gorgeous flowers.

Shade-loving, deer-resistant plants make it possible to create an attractive, colorful garden in shady areas where deer often forage. Transform dreary spots with flowers and foliage that burst with vibrant colors and eye catching textures.

Plants Made for the Shade

Shaded areas offer many benefits for the health and vigor of the landscape. For one, these locations remain cooler during hot spells. What’s more, low light areas are the last to thaw out in winter, so plants are less vulnerable to harsh conditions.

Choices abound for deer-resistant flowering plants that will thrive in full and part shade. Many shade-loving varieties are also pollinator magnets and drought tolerant. Here are some top choices for turning dark spots into beams of beauty.

Astilbe’s feathery plumes of cream, lavender, pink, and red punctuate the shade with pizazz. It’s a carefree shade lover and magnet for butterflies and other pollinators.

Barrenwort loves the shade and also tolerates drought. A low maintenance perennial, this ground cover’s cheerful pink blooms are followed by coppery red foliage in fall. Plant some under tree canopies and they will thrive.

Columbine is a spring-blooming wildflower that brightens shady areas through summer. Bell shaped flowers are often bi-colored, in hues of blue, lavender, pink, red, white, and yellow.

Foamflower brings a colorful effervescence to low light areas with white flower spikes tinged with pink. In fall, flowers are aglow in bronze and red.

Siberian bugloss blankets the area with tiny blue twinkling flowers. Heart shaped leaves add additional interest to this shade-loving ground cover.

For more shade-loving plants to consider, peruse this article which includes tips for planning a shade garden.

Preserve Your Shade-Loving Plants

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The Brighter Side of Shade

There are plants for virtually all conditions in the garden. Shade-loving plants not only grow in low light, that is where they soar. Add some to your landscape and dull will become dramatic!

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