Protect your Spring Flowers now!

BOBBEX-R  Animal Repellent makes a great fall bulb dip program to prevent burrowing herbivores from smelling and discovering your wintered bulbs.  These animals use their keen sense of smell to find roots and bulbs underground.  BOBBEX-R creates an aromatic barrier around the bulb and prevents these animals from discovering the bulb.  Using BOBBEX-R as a bulb protector will give your bulbs a chance to survive from burrowing herbivores when first planted and throughout the winter.  Bobbex-R deters Rabbits, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Voles.

Bulb Dip Directions: Before planting, remove all loose and dried skin from the bulbs.  Dip bulbs in straight concentrated BOBBEX-R (right out of the bottle).  Allow bulbs to soak for 3-5 minutes.  Remove bulbs from the concentrate and allow them to air dry.  This proactive coating will break sown slowly, to provide nutrients for the growing plant.


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