Protect Bulbs For Fantastic Spring Blooms

Even tulips can be grown successfully if you protect bulbs from deer at fall planting time.
You can grow the spring-flowering bulbs you love without animal damage, when you protect bulbs at fall planting time. Pictured here are Bobbex user Sue G.’s gorgeous tulips – a deer favorite. “Bobbex Always Protects Our Garden – Including My Rare Honeymoon ‘Fringed-Crispa’ Tulips”.

For a spectacular landscape in spring, protect bulbs at planting time in fall. Simple measures that ensure bulbs grow to their beautiful best include proper planting, and providing underground and above-ground safety from animals. Read on for tips.

Take The Soil’s Temperature First

Soil nourishes bulbs while they winter underground and in containers. It is imperative that the soil temperature be below 60 degrees at planting to ensure healthy bulb development. Topsoil (the first four inches of soil) can easily be tested with a soil, meat, or candy thermometer.  

Plant Some “Least Favorite Bulbs”

When designing your spring garden, consider adding some flowering bulbs that are not deer magnets, such as Alliums, Daffodils and Hyacinths. Placing these around some of the “forager favorites” (such as Tulips) may deter animals. Bulbs add unsurpassed beauty to any size and style of garden – in beds and borders, containers, formal gardens, meadows, and even under trees. Better Homes and Gardens offers a great guide on how to choose, plant and grow bulbs.

Conceal With A Seal To Protect Bulbs

A bulb’s scent appeals to and can be discovered by many animals including chipmunks, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, and voles. Cover your bulbs with a safe, protective coating prior to planting them, which will disguise the aromas. Bobbex Small Animal Repellent can be used as a bulb dip to coat your bulbs before putting them in soil. This aromatic barrier will keep your bulbs from being discovered and devoured by burrowing animals. Just follow these easy steps for using Bobbex as a bulb dip.

Add Barrier Protection

One option for creating physical protection around bulbs is to plant them underground in flower bulb cages. The metal mesh cannot be chewed on by animals, but the cage spacing is just generous enough to allow for roots and leaves to grow. Another method is to spray the perimeter of the planting hole with Bobbex Small Animal Repellent, which eliminates the scent of bulbs.

A barrier that can protect bulbs and also add beauty to your garden is groundcover. Plant some of your bulbs into low groundcover such as Ajuga, Lamium or Vinca and they will winter well underground.

Freshly dug soil signals to animals there are irresistible and accessible meals for them. After planting your bulbs, mask the physical and aromatic evidence with a thin layer of mulch or shredded leaves. Loose bulb matter, and all bulb-related tools must be immediately cleaned and removed from the planting area.   

The Best Spring Begins In Fall

Spring-flowering bulbs bring indescribable beauty to the garden. These marvels of nature grow quietly in winter to burst in spring with a sensory feast of colors and fragrances! So be sure to add bulbs to your fall soil before the freeze. A few simple measures to protect bulbs will ensure they grow well through winter to bring you the most amazing spring!

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