Bobbex-R Animal Repellent 48 oz. E-Z Pump Ready To Use Spray

48 oz. E-Z Pump Ready To Use Spray

Recommended uses: shrubs, flowers, forest trees and vegetables not yet bearing fruit. Coverage: 1,500  square feet


Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is an natural garden pest control spray that effectively and safely stops Rabbits, Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Voles and Deer from destroying landscapes and gardens.

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Bobbex-R Rabbit & Animal Repellent

Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is an environmentally friendly solution that uses all natural and recycled ingredients. Because the spray contains an extremely effective sticking agent it WILL NOT WASH OFF. Spray  to apply topical protection, Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is also recommended as a bulb-dip to deter underground damage after planting.

This 48 oz. ready-to-use formula comes is its own refillable pump sprayer. Not available for sale in IN, NE.

For refills, use Bobbex-R Animal Repellent concentrated sprays.

Concentrate Ratios:

  • Spring - 5oz. Bobbex-R per Sprayer Bottle
  • Winter - 8oz. Bobbex-R per Sprayer Bottle



Pump 15 to 20 strokes to pressurize bottle. To spray, depress trigger on top of handle. Caution, trigger will lock when pushed forward. During the spring and summer, when the plant is growing quickly and new growth is unprotected, spray every 10 to 14 days or every 2 inches of new plant growth. For fall and winter protection, spray every 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of your deer predation problem. Allow for 6 hours of drying time before any predicted rain or scheduled watering of your plants. Spray the dry plant surface including leaf and stem, sufficiently to coat to both sides.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer is not responsible for damage if not used according to directions.

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