Goose Repellent

Bobbex-G Discourages Geese and Waterfowl from Grazing and Defecating on Lawns.

Bobbex-G Goose Repellent is an environmentally friendly spray-on repellent that discourages the feeding and presence of geese and waterfowl.

Bobbex-G—the Natural, Safe, Environmentally Friendly Goose and Waterfowl Repellent that Works!

Geese are grazing herbivores, with seeds, grasses and aquatic plants being the predominant sources of their diet. This makes open grass areas near water—especially residential lawns, golf courses, parks—especially prone to infestation from Geese. Close proximity to water and wetlands also reduces the environmentally responsible options available for addressing a Goose problem.

Formulated from safe ingredients, Bobbex-G is safe for use on and near all water-bordering vegetation. Unlike harmful pesticides or poisons. when used as directed, Bobbex-G is harmless to humans, and safe for all wildlife including animals, pets, birds and aquatic creatures.

Fast & Easy-to-Apply—and Long Lasting!

Bobbex-G Goose Repellent is available as a Ready-to-Dilute Concentrate Spray. Best applied right after mowing, Bobbex-G will not burn grass or turf and can be applied in almost any climate or temperature. The Goose Repellent dries clear, and due to an extremely effective sticking agent, becomes water-insoluble, so it will endure through several heavy rains. Weekly applications my be necessary right after mowing during rapid growth seasons. During dormant season, Bobbex-G can last for up to 4 weeks as an effective and Goose Repellent.

Size/Description Case Pack Coverage*
Half Gallon Concentrated Spray 6 20,000 SQ FT
5 Gallon Concentrated Spray 1 200,000 SQ FT
55 Gallon Drum 1 2,200,000 SQ FT

*Coverage may vary depending upon quality,size, and density of plant material. BOBBEX Products are for the protection of outdoor plants only

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