Practice What You Preach-Protect Your Flowers

Practice what you Preach-Protect your Flowers!

The recent spring weather has turned winter like in Connecticut. Last week we had snow showers and temperatures, barely above freezing. On opening day of professional baseball the east coast team’s players dressed as if they going mountain climbing, not playing baseball.

Two weeks previously it was the exact opposite: the Friday and Saturday before Easter one could comfortably walk in shorts, and tee shirts and everywhere you went, the conversation was about was that the 2015-16 winter was the mildest on record. It was so nice that my wife and I worked in the yard, edging beds, pulling weeds in the driveway and getting an early start on the season.

The yard looked good but was bland and not showing any color yet. Saturday morning I went my local garden center and bought a flat of yellow and blue pansies that were absolutely beautiful. The clerk asked if I needed deer repellent, he was new and didn’t know that I work for a local deer repellent company and that I sold our product to their store. I planted the pansies in the bed around the maple tree and along the patio. They really gave the yard color, that hint of spring that was missing. I was very happy to do the work and looking forward to family visiting Easter Sunday.

Two animals visited us that night the Easter bunny and deer. The bunny left the kids surprises, and the deer ate my beautiful pansies. I know that there are many ways to keep deer from eating your flowers and still took no action.  Homeowners can install a 6 foot fence around their gardens which is not the look I want for our property.  Neither is hanging out soap and shiny objects to frighten deer.  There are noise makers and light sensors which would have my neighbors knocking on my door with complaints.  My dog is a great deterrent during the day, but the deer and rabbits are not afraid of him when he is in at night.  There are plenty of Deer Repellents on the market that homeowners can purchase.

Here is the annoying part: I knew there were deer in the area and I have plenty of Bobbex in my garage, all I had to do was spray! I make my living telling people all over the U.S. and Canada the virtues of regular Bobbex use. How easy it is to use, how well it works, how the deer will find other places to eat, and how beautiful and healthy their property can look. All you have to do is use it.

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