Plant Fall Bulbs for a Spectacular Spring

Colorful, vibrant tulips and daffodils are possible when you protect your garden from animals with Bobbex repellent.
Plant fall bulbs for the most colorful and vibrant spring! Read on for tips on choosing, planting and protecting them for the ultimate blooms.

From Bulbs to Blooms

When you plant fall bulbs, you set the stage for a showering of blooms in spring. Bulbs are easy to plant, take up very little space, and require minimal maintenance. Once tucked in for winter, bulbs quietly send their new roots down while awaiting warmer days to “grow up”.

Create a sensational perennial garden, brimming with colors, scents and shapes without great effort or expense. Flowering bulbs can be planted anywhere, and many varieties will multiply and spread over time. Add their charm and allure to beds, borders, containers, paths, slopes and more. Extend their beauty inside with stunning cut flower arrangements.

Fall Bulbs – Sparkling Choices

You have countless ways to design with bulbs, as well as many varieties from which to choose. The tempting array includes the ever popular crocus, daffodils, hyacinth, iris, and tulips as well many others in pastels and primary colors. Select from a wide range of bloom designs including bells, ruffles, star flowers, trumpet petals, and other fanciful flowers. Invite bees and butterflies with pollinator-friendly bulb varieties, and infuse the garden with fragrant blooms.

Varieties cover a range of bloom periods, so you can plant fall bulbs for continuous color, starting in late winter through late spring. This bloom-time-chart from Longfield Gardens offers a handy list of bulbs by bloom time. As you refine your bulb “wish list”, make a note of plants’ light needs and choose garden areas where bulbs will receive the sun required for robust growth.

When to Plant Fall Bulbs

Fall bulbs need cool, moist autumn weather to prompt them to start growing roots underground. Therefore it’s key to plant them around six weeks before a hard frost, which varies by growing zone. Take a look at this Almanac article on fall bulbs for tips in the “When to Plant” section, which includes a frost date calculator. It is also an excellent planting and growing guide for many popular fall bulb varieties.

Fall Bulb Protection by Bobbex

Bulbs may be small before they bloom, but they attract animals with big appetites, such as chipmunks, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels and voles. Therefore, bulb protection is an important step in the planting process.

There is no more effective way to keep bulbs nibble-free than with Bobbex-R Animal Repellent. Before you put your bulbs in the ground, coat them with eco-friendly Bobbex. The repellent will mask the scent, so animals will not detect the bulbs under the soil. Take a look at this easy, quick demonstration by Brian McCall, Bobbex Sales Manager on how to dip the bulbs before planting. Bobbex can also be used to spray the perimeter of the hole before filling it.

Fall bulb protection should continue in the spring when plants emerge and blossom. #1 rated Bobbex is the most effective way to shield budding growth and keep flowering plants protected through the entire season. All Bobbex repellents are safe for people, pets, wildlife and aquatic life.

The Magic of Fall Bulbs

Bulbs are one of nature’s many marvels. How amazing that these self-contained growing systems start life underground, and then push through the spring soil to flower! Bulbs require very little care and maintenance, yet they deliver breathtaking beauty to the garden. Add some fall bulbs to your landscape and your spring will be extra dazzling!

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