Plant Daylilies Without Deer Damage

You too can plant daylilies galore, just as Bobbex user Christine P. has, as shown in her photo. Deter deer from daylilies by keeping plants protected with eco-friendly Bobbex Deer Repellent.

Find out how to plant daylilies that will not be destroyed by deer, and enjoy one of the most outstanding flowering perennials. With exceptional beauty and benefits to match, daylilies are suited to gardens of all sizes and styles. Read on for tips on how to choose, plant and protect these garden jewels.   

Dazzling Daylilies

There is an abundance of daylily varieties available, with varying bloom shapes and colors. To help narrow the search, HGTV offers an image gallery of 70 popular and radiant varieties noting features such as bloom times, colors, flower sizes, fragrance and more.

Imagine a landscape filled with double blooms of “Yellow Bouquet”, towering deep purple “Wayside King Royale”, soft coral “Yasmin” flowers, and brilliant orange starbursts of “Lady Lucille”. Add a wave of multi-colored and striated blooms for even more dazzle.

Do some daylily dreaming by perusing catalogs, visiting a nursery and viewing options online. Make a list of varieties that interest you. Whatever types you choose, daylilies will transform your landscape. Advantages include that they’re adaptable to most soils, carefree, double as ground cover and weed controller, fast growing, long-lasting and resistant to diseases and pests. And, so very enchanting!

Easy Daylily Planting  

Where you plant daylilies is more of a personal choice, than one driven by conditions. Daylilies will cheerily sparkle even in poor soil and bloom in full sun or part shade. What’s more, you can plant daylilies in containers or raised beds in addition to inground. Follow these easy tips for growing and caring for daylilies.

Deter Daylily-Loving Deer

If not protected, daylilies are a deer delicacy. Newly planted seedlings are especially vulnerable, as deer will pull them up and devour the roots. The damage doesn’t stop there, as deer adore the buds and flowers also.

# 1 rated Bobbex Deer Repellent is the first and time-honored line of daylily defense. The eco-friendly formula is safe and long-lasting. It is a topical that covers buds, flowers, leaves and stems. The spray dries on clear in a few hours, and the scent is only detectable to people for about 24 hours. However, deer will be turned away by the smell and taste for much longer.

A second strategy for keeping deer from your daylilies is to create a living wall around daylilies with plants deer rarely damage. This Rutgers University list includes landscape plants rated according to resistance to deer damage, including Rarely, Seldom, Occasionally and Frequently.

The Flower Power of Bobbex

Daylilies are elegant, and also strong, but susceptible to devastation by deer if not safely guarded. Bobbex provides the flower power necessary to shield these tough but vulnerable flowers. Enjoy some dazzling daylilies this season with some help from Bobbex!

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