Overcoming Vole Damage

Vole damage to lawn
Small but mighty, voles can ruin lawns, destroy bulb plantings, and harm trees. All-natural Bobbex-R fights vole damage safely and effectively.

Are you plagued by vole damage? These tiny creatures can cause a disproportionately large amount of destruction to lawn and garden alike.

In fall and winter, they’ll burrow underground to feast on your freshly planted bulbs, destroying any hope of spring blooms. Underground roots can also be subject to stealth attack. Above ground, voles gnaw on tree bark, inviting disease.

In spring, as the weather warms, they’ll tunnel closer to earth’s surface, often leaving a patchwork of ugly dead grass in their wake.

Vole Damage Identification

The best way to tell if you’re dealing with vole damage is to inspect tree damage and tunnels.

Vole damage to trees and shrubs is characterized by low girdling and patches of irregular gnaw marks about 1/16” to 1/8” wide.

When vole tunnels are close enough to the surface to be visible, you’ll see a maze of 1” to 2” wide runways. The earth below will become spongy and the grass will die from root damage.

A Growing Threat

Once voles make a home in your yard, their growth can be exponential. A single female can have 8 to 12 litters per year, with between 2 and 11 babies in each litter.

Clearly, the sooner you discourage voles from taking up residence in your yard, the easier it will be to get rid of them.

How to Fight Back

To prevent vole damage to bulbs, dip the bulbs in Bobbex-R when you plant them.

Bobbex-R can also be sprayed at the mouth of burrows, around the base of trees, and on low-lying vegetation attractive to voles. It’s long-lasting and completely safe for children, pets and the environment. It also helps plants retain moisture, providing extra protection throughout frigid winter weather.

Available in both ready-to-dilute concentrate and ready-to-use spray, Bobbex-R offers the surest and safest protection against vole damage for your trees, lawn, and bulbs alike.

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