Keep Deer Away Easily and Safely

Flowers can thrive in your yard, when you keep them safely protected from deer with Bobbex.
You can keep deer away from your property with strategies that protect the garden without harming any plants or animals.

Do you find it challenging to keep deer away without using chemicals or disrupting your landscape with scare tactics? Follow some easy measures for preserving the garden you’ve lovingly created. Read on for strategies.

Plant Living “Stop Signs”

Deer are roaming around neighborhoods more freely these days. Intercept them before they enter your property with some shrubs and trees that don’t interest them. Some examples are Blue Mist Shrub, Arrowwood Viburnum, American Holly and Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

Tall, dense plantings offer another advantage – temptations in your yard will not be visible. For a wealth of options, take a look at the list of landscape plants rated by resistance to damage prepared by Rutgers University.

Alter The Course

If your yard is open and easy to stroll, place some garden art and outdoor furniture around plantings to create obstacles. Deer are not avid climbers, so keep raised beds and potted plants on decks or other terraced areas.  If your property abuts the woods, consider stacking some pallets at the property line which will keep deer from entering your yard.

Create An “Invisible” Fence

An alternative to a traditional fence is an “invisible” one that can easily be created with clear fishing wire. Set up some wooden stakes about 5 feet in height around your garden, spacing stakes a few feet apart. Starting from about three inches from the ground, string the wire horizontally between two posts. Continue these rows about every 12 inches. The deer will not be able to see the wires as they approach, but they will feel them, prompting the deer to flee.

Protect The Plants Directly

An eco-friendly, effective repellent can be a key player in your quest to keep deer away. Bobbex Deer Repellent repulses through smell and taste aversion. Active ingredients include fish meal, garlic, clove oils and more. These smells and tastes are off-putting to deer, though the smell will not be evident to people after 24 hours. Bobbex sprays right on plants, dries clear in a few hours, and will not wash off in the rain. All Bobbex products are safe for people, pets, wildlife, and aquatic life.

Keep Deer Away Safely and Easily

Landscapes may tempt with heavenly hostas and tantalizing tulips among other delights, but you can keep deer away without harm to them or your garden. Follow these safe and easy measures and the beautiful plantings are yours to behold!

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