How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Find out how to keep rabbits out of your garden, so your plants stay healthy and nibble free.
You can keep your treasured plantings from being chewed beyond repair by rabbits. In this blog, we offer tried-and-true methods for protecting your garden from rabbits without harming the landscape or the animals.

One of the most common questions gardeners ask is how to keep rabbits out of the garden. It is important to deter them, as these animals are small in stature but large in appetite and determination. The rabbit’s list of preferred flowering and edible plants reads like a garden catalog!

Protect your landscape without harm to rabbits using some tried-and-true methods. This month’s blog offers tips.

How To Determine If Rabbits Are Eating Your Plants

You may not notice rabbits nibbling in your yard, since they forage mainly at dawn and dusk. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t having some great meals at your expense. To confirm their presence, review the list of clues below.

*Plant leaves look trimmed. Rabbits have upper and lower incisors, so when they chew, they make clean cuts, not jagged edges.

*Some of your tender young plants are missing.

*Something has been gnawing on bark around tree trunks or woody plants.

*Pea-sized droppings (rabbit scat) are found.

*Areas are dug up.

*Tufts of fur are found around plantings.

*Hoses or drip lines have been chewed. Rabbits will chew on just about anything – edible and non-edible.

Deter Rabbits With Help From Mother Nature

Place some plants known to be unappealing to rabbits around the landscape perimeter. Choices include Ageratum, Geraniums, Lantana, Milkweed, Salvia, Vinca, and Wax Begonia. Additional benefits to adding such plants is that they beautify your yard, and some attract pollinators. To see the list provided by Home and Garden Television (HGTV) view this article on rabbit-resistant plants.

Infuse the air with strong scented herbs and vegetables known to be off-putting to a rabbit’s sensitive nose. Grow some basil, chives, onions, oregano, and rosemary.

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden With Barriers

Placing a fence around your garden or entire property is another means to keeping rabbits out of the garden.

This can be done without a lot of work or great expense. One of the materials suggested is hardware cloth, which is too thick for rabbits to chew through. In addition, there are fences made of 16-gauge wire that are specifically designed to be rabbit-proof. An article by San Francisco Gate (SFGate) offers guidance to installing a rabbit-proof fence.

Add The Eco-Friendly Small Animal Repellent To The Plan

Rabbits are very resourceful and not easily deterred, especially when they spot delectable ornamental and edible plants. Living and inanimate barriers should be part of a multi-tiered plan, which should also include “direct plant protection”.  

The most effective way to repel rabbits if they get near your plants is with eco-friendly, safe Bobbex Rabbit and Small Animal Repellent. Like all Bobbex formulas, this topical spray consists of organic ingredients that repulse through smell and taste. Apply the topical spray to non-edible plants but don’t spray it directly on edibles. You can however spray the perimeter of produce gardens to prevent animal intrusion.

The Best Plan Covers All Bases

Rabbits will wander onto your property if there are no obstacles. The perimeter should be the first point of interference. Additional measures should be in place to turn rabbits away without harm. Those rabbits that do get up close and personal with your Bobbex-protected plants will be repulsed by the smell and taste. Set up some of the tried-and-true methods for deterring rabbits noted in this blog so your plantings stay healthy and beautiful!

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