How To Choose The Best Deer Repellent

A beautiful flower garden framed by a limestone retaining wall.
A thriving landscape should feed your senses, not plant-eating animals. Find out how to choose the best deer repellent to safely protect your garden.

You can create a thriving garden that will not interest deer, using simple strategies and having the best deer repellent on hand. Now is the time to begin deer deterrence, before your garden bursts with irresistible blooms.

Why Keep Deer Away

Your garden plans most likely do not include offering deer an open buffet. Following are key reasons to steer deer away from your home.

*Flowering and edible gardens damaged by deer and other herbivores can be costly and time-consuming to replace. And a landscape can be ravaged quickly given that a single deer requires 5-7 pounds of plant food per day.

*Shrubs and trees that have been damaged are vulnerable to attacks from other animals and insects. And once plantings are compromised, the damage may be irreversible and lead to death.

*Deer are unwitting tick carriers. There are numerous diseases that ticks, which are present all year, may transmit to people and pets.

*Droppings from deer around your yard can be a health hazard.

Deer Deterrent Approaches

Deer repellents are available in spray and granule form. Sprays are applied directly to plants, whereas granules are placed around the garden. Sprays are found to be the most popular strategy for broad protection, whereas granules only protect low-growing plants.

Deer resistant plant varieties offer a supplementary line of defense however deer will sometimes resort to eating undesirable plants.

Physical barriers (fences and plant coverings) may be costly and/or need replacing. Given the deer’s ability to jump to great heights, fences must be at least 8 feet high. In some communities, tall fences are prohibited.

Sight and sound scare tactics like coyote silhouettes, scarecrows, and motion detectors (that alarm with sirens and water) are short-term solutions. Deer are great adaptors, so they will accustom themselves to these attempts. Moreover, neighbors and pets may be more disturbed than the deer.

Check List For Repellent Features

The following checklist will help narrow your choices for the safest and most effective deer repellents.

Key criteria:

  • Egg-based, fish smell and/or cayenne pepper taste which are repulsive to deer
  • Is applied directly to plants so it works instantly, and is long-lasting
  • Coating dries clear, won’t burn or wash off, and helps prevent drought
  • Eco-friendly, so it will not harm people, plants, animals, pets, or aquatic life
  • Can’t be “overdone”, so too much spray will not affect the effectiveness
  • Contains Nitrogen and Phosphorous which will help plants thrive
  • Unused formula can be stored easily for later use

The Best Deer Repellent – How Well Does It Work?

The State of Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture conducted an independent study on ten different deer repellents in the deer-saturated Connecticut region.

These products were tested in two geographic locations, using deer-attracting Evergreen Yews. To establish benchmarks, both positive (fence) and negative (no treatment) controls were included.

A “Protective % Index” was established to grade each product’s effectiveness. Results were determined by measuring end-of-growing season plant size and dry needle weights.

Bobbex was determined to be the Best Deer Repellent tested, ranking highest of all brands, with a Protective Index score of 93%, second only to a physical fence barrier, and ahead of the other repellents by a significant margin.

Give Bobbex A Try

Healthy gardens provide visual delights, soothing scents, enjoyable edibles and more to you and your families. And a thriving landscape should feed your senses and soul, not plant-eating animals!

One of the best ways to see if a deer repellent will help protect your garden is to use it on your plants. Bobbex has been safely protecting plants without harm to people, pets, wildlife, aquatic life, or other animals for over 30 years.

And reliable, eco-friendly, time-tested Bobbex offers a 100% money back guarantee, so why not give it a try?

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