Growing Hostas Deer Won’t Eat

A healthy, beautiful Hosta garden under a tree, made possible by using Bobbex deer repellent to keep the deer from eating the plants.
Bobbex user Karen E. shared this image of her healthy Hosta garden, which she says had been a deer “salad bar” prior to protecting her plants with Bobbex.

Hosta beauty comes in so many colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, no wonder so many gardeners love growing Hostas! This perfect-for-shade perennial, adored by people and pollinators, offers numerous benefits. The fact that deer also love Hostas can be easily addressed with deer deterrence strategies. Read on to find out how to choose Hostas and keep them protected, so you can enjoy their immense radiance.

The Many Benefits Of Growing Hostas

Hosta foliage captivates with crinkled, puckered, smooth and wavy leaves, in hues of blue, green, white and yellow. In addition to color variations, leaves can be solid, streaked, striped, and striated. Several varieties further delight with tubular flowers that arise from the Hosta’s center. Fragrance is another feature some Hostas offer. Other plusses to adding Hostas to your landscape include:

*Thrive in shade with dappled sun, in virtually every climate.

*Will grow in containers or inground.  

*Rugged, low-maintenance plants.

*Grow in almost any type of soil.

*Sizes for all gardens, from miniature to massive.

*Compatible with other types of plants.

*Will last for decades.

Choosing Hostas For Your Garden

There are many design options given the versatility of Hostas. Any shady spot with a little dappled sun will work. Some options include adding varieties to an existing garden; planting Hostas on a shady slope; as a floral base under shrubs and trees; lining a garden path; having a Hosta-only area; creating a Hosta container garden; and growing Hostas with other shade-lovers/companion plants such as Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts, Coral Bells, Ferns, and Solomon’s Seal.

Fine Gardening Magazine’s Designing With Hostas Guide offers great advice on best Hostas for many situations, such as for a slope, under a tree, near a water feature and to accent a path. This guide will save time and help you create an amazing garden. And an article on 26 of the Best Hosta Varieties by Better Homes and Gardens provides a great overview of some magnificent choices.  

Growing Hostas Where Deer Roam

You CAN grow and enjoy Hostas without spending a lot of time and money trying to deter deer.

Good Health = Stamina

One of the first lines of defense against any animal pests is to keep your plants healthy, which involves proper hydration, feeding, pruning and disease prevention. Healthy plants are better poised to recover from minor animal forage. Ailing plants are less likely to spring back.

A Living Fortress

Create a living barrier around your Hostas with shrubs deer rarely damage. Some suggestions include Butterfly Bush, Common Boxwood and Moonglow Juniper. For an extensive list of choices, take a look at Rutgers University’s list of deer resistant plants and scroll down to the “A” list (specimens rarely damaged by deer).

An Obstacle Course

Deer may be able to jump over high fences, but there are other physical activities they dislike, such as climbing. This presents the ideal opportunity for growing Hostas on a slope and adding Hosta container plants to your above-ground deck. Slopes and stairs generally discourage deer.

Direct Protect With Bobbex

It is key to provide on-plant protection to keep deer from eating your Hostas. There is no safer and more effective way to do so than with Bobbex Deer Repellent. It is easy to use, sprays on clear, won’t burn plants or wash off in the rain. Eco-friendly Bobbex repellents are made from ingredients such as garlic, meat meal, and clove oil, and they deter animals through smell and taste. What’s more, all Bobbex products are safe for people, pets, wildlife, and aquatic life.

Easy Steps To Heavenly Hostas

Hostas bring a special kind of beauty to the garden and protecting them from intruding deer is possible with some easy prevention measures. The recipe for a Hosta Haven starts with the right site, designs that make plants difficult for animals to reach, and safe, on-plant Bobbex deer protection. Follow these tips and soon you will be enjoying stunning Hosta beauty.

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