Grow Roses Without Deer Damage

Growing beautiful, healthy roses can be easy. Follow some simple care steps and keep the roses protected from deer and insects.
Grow fabulous roses with a few easy steps. Choose varieties suited to your area, tend to their needs, and shield your roses from deer and damaging insects. Your healthy plants will soon burst forth with glamorous blooms of award-winning caliber!

There are almost as many reasons to grow roses as there are varieties! These enchanting flowers have graced gardens for thousands of years and remain highly prized around the world. Deer and insects need not foil plans to add these alluring blooms to your garden. In this blog, we offer tips for selecting roses, a guide to types, and easy steps on how to grow roses without deer damage.

What Are Your Rose Growing Plans?

Roses will add dazzle to any garden, modest or grand. From ground covers to wall climbers, there are growing options for everyone. Give some thought to what your rose design goals are, and it will be easier to choose varieties. Some popular ideas include adorning an arbor or trellis; dressing up a wall; growing roses for borders or boundaries; starting a cutting flower garden; and adding fragrance to the landscape.

Rose Categories – A Quick Primer

Roses are extremely varied, with hundreds of species encompassing thousands of varieties. For easy reference, here are three main classifications. Each includes many types of roses.

Old Garden Roses, also referred to as “antique” or “historic”, are those varieties that made their debut prior to1867 but are still grown today. Their trademarks are double-flower, once-per-season blooms, and strong fragrance. These time-tested varieties are notably extra hardy and disease resistant. Some examples include Albas, Bourbons, and Damasks.

Modern Garden Roses offer continuous blooms and typically larger flowers than Old Garden Roses. When cut, these flowers make long-lasting bouquets. Examples of some of the best-sellers include Floribundas, Hybrid Teas and Miniatures.

Wild Roses, also known as “Species”, grow naturally throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and range from ground covers to uprights and climbers. They generally have a single bloom with a five-petal flower. The most popular wild rose sold today is “Rosa rugosa” due to its extreme hardiness, easy maintenance, and disease resistance.

To view photos and read more about rose varieties, have a look at this Garden Design Magazine feature “The Best Types of Roses for Your Garden”.

Grow Roses For Your Area

The key to successful rose growing is to match the plant’s needs to its environment. To start, confirm your growing zone. Then you may want to visit your favorite nursery to view plants and discuss plans. Another resource for finding suitable plants is your local county extension agent. Once at the extension website, scroll down to find your locale and contact information. Then, it’s time to begin choosing your roses!

Protection For Perfection 

There are some universal planting and care tips to keep your roses strong and vibrant. The healthier they are, the better protected they will be, and in turn the more fabulous their blooms!

Planting: Select disease-resistant varieties if possible, plant in full sun and well-drained soil, and space plants for good air circulation.

After Plant Care: Once planted, keep your roses protected with Bobbex Rose. The eco-friendly topical spray dries clear after applying to buds, leaves, flowers, and stems. The ingredients in this repellent are dual acting, deterring deer through smell and taste, and averting common rose-destructive insects. Bobbex Rose reduces the severity of black spot and powdery mildew. What’s more, the repellent won’t wash off, so it aids in moisture retention. This is especially important during drought.

In addition to Bobbex Rose, other maintenance and protection measures include keeping soil moist, weeds out, fertilizing, pruning, and inspecting leaves for signs of deer or insect damage.  

Grow Roses Like A Pro

You can easily grow healthy roses like a pro, by choosing those suited to your climate, and following some easy-care steps, including shielding roses from deer and insects with Bobbex Rose. Keep your plants thriving and perhaps your flowering roses will become the inspiration for a poem or work of art!

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