Grow Roses Easily and Successfully

You can grow roses successfully just by following a few care tips. Healthy roses will thrive and burst with beauty!
You can have a glamorous rose garden! Read our blog for some simple tips on how to grow healthy roses. Pictured here is a photo submitted from Janet J., a Bobbex Rose user, featuring her beautiful roses, which are free of deer and insect damage.

Elegant flowers, heady fragrances, and exquisite bouquets are some of the many reasons to grow roses. As the allure of roses has risen, so have the varieties, some of which are bred to be low-maintenance and disease-resistant. In this blog, we provide tips for growing healthy roses for a spectacular garden.

Start With The Site

Your rose garden success starts with a suitable site. Choose an area that gets a minimum of four hours of sun each day. Soil should be workable, not compact. Avoid areas that are exposed to wind or where the soil is not well-drained.

What’s Your Rose Style?

Among the many varieties of roses, there are distinct growing habits or “styles”. You can grow groundcover roses, those that climb, traditional shrub roses, and even roses in hanging baskets and window boxes! There is a whirlwind of styles to meet personal preferences as well as landscape needs.

*Groundcover Roses. One of the newest trends is low growing shrub roses that blanket the garden with blooms. These “groundcover” roses can also drape over walls and cascade from window boxes and hanging baskets! A few popular groundcover rose shrubs are “Party Dress”, “Flower Carpet Pink Supreme” and “Flower Carpet Amber Rose”.

*Traditional Shrub Roses. Traditional shrub roses come in many different colors and forms. They offer flexibility, as they can be integrated into many garden designs and will coexist with other flowering shrubs. Some high performing varieties include “Bonica Rose”, “Carefree Spirit Rose” and “Daydream Rose”.

*Climbing Roses. These roses add special zest and visual interest to the landscape. They will climb up and wind their way around arbors, fences, pillars and other structures. “Highwire Flyer”, “Tangerine Skies” and “Eden” are some examples of striking climbers.

Find Suitable Selections

One of the best ways to succeed at growing roses is to choose those that will thrive in your growing zone. Once you have determined your growing zone, there are many reputable sources for making rose selections. Better Homes and Gardens offers a clear and expansive list of roses at this rose encyclopedia link. A trusted local nursery can also be a great resource for rose-growing suggestions.

Grow Roses With Confidence

After selecting an appropriate site and deciding what roses to grow, it is time to plant! Planting is easy when you follow a step by step rose planting guide.

Once your roses are soil-bound, maintain their health by following instructions for watering, fertilizing, and pruning. In addition, it is key to keep hungry deer and damaging insects away from your roses. The best way to do this safely and effectively is with eco-friendly Bobbex Rose. The formula, which is applied directly to plants, is a blend of organic ingredients that repel pests through smell and taste aversion. Bobbex Rose is harmless to people, pets, animals, wildlife, and aquatic creatures.

The Most Glamorous Plants

Roses are the most glamorous flowering plants to grace the garden. And you can add some spectacular varieties to your landscape with little effort. There are many easy-to-grow, low-maintenance choices. It’s time to grow roses!

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