Grow Easy Flowering Plants Without Deer Damage

Peonies are a power flowers, that combine beauty, low maintenance and deer resistance.
Bring power to the garden with striking flowering plants. Peonies are a popular choice, given that they are low maintenance, long lasting, deer resistant and bloom in many radiant colors.

Spend more time enjoying your garden and less time caring for it with easy-to-grow flowering plants. While some flowering plants have very specific needs, others are virtually carefree, and deer-resistant as well. Learn more about these beautiful workhorses.

Easy Care/Deer Resistant Varieties

High performance, low care plants are ideal for gardens of all sizes. Benefits include adaptability to varying conditions, flowers for pollinators, and resistance to pests, diseases and deer damage.

There are many stunning choices of annuals and perennials that are no fuss as well as deer resistant. Annuals are bloom-ready and short lived, while perennials flower year after year. Plants deer tend to avoid are typically highly fragrant, or have textured foliage that is fuzzy or scratchy. Following are some popular plants suitable for a low care, deer resistant flower garden.

Alluring Annuals

*Sweet Alyssum, honey scented and low growing, blanket the garden in lavender, pink and white in spring and fall. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds adore the blooms.

*Salvia remain vibrantly colored through summer heat in hues of blue, pink, purple, red, and white. End of season blooms nourish birds.

*Zinnias come in many shapes, sizes and colors, including orange, pink, red and yellow. Daisy-like flowers brighten the garden and feed the butterflies summer through the first hard frost of fall. Blooms are extraordinary for cut flower arrangements.

For more suggestions on annuals, take a look at our YouTube video on easy deer-resistant annuals for the garden.

Perennials with Pizazz

*Bee Balm fills the air with fragrant pink, purple, scarlet and white blooms mid to late summer. The large, tubular flowers are a welcome mat for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

*Peonies are long lasting, cold hardy, and fragrant. Blooms come in a kaleidoscope of colors, with some reaching up to ten inches wide! Compact and ruffled, peony flowers are charming and cheerful in bouquets.

*Russian Sage brings dramatic color and texture to the garden summer through fall. It is drought tolerant, cold hardy and compatible with many other plants.

For additional deer resistant flowering plants, peruse Rutgers University’s list plants rated by deer resistance. Another helpful list is annuals and perennials for the landscape from one of the agriculture offices. Your local nursery or garden center is also a great source for plant suggestions.

Bobbex for Ultimate Deer Protection

Choose hardy flowering plants deer don’t like and you’re on your way to a lovely garden free of deer damage. Add the ultimate layer of protection with number one rated Bobbex Deer Repellent and your plants will soar to new heights.

Bobbex is a topical spray, composed of organic ingredients. It dries on clear, is long lasting, won’t wash off and gently ushers deer away. It is safe for people, pets, plants and aquatic life.

A Powerful Garden

Grow flowering plants that are durable, prolific and possess deer repellent features. And you have a power garden, giving pollinators free reign and preventing deer from free roam. What’s more, it will be a cheerful, colorful oasis for you.

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