Easy Ways To Winterize Garden Plants

Deer will forage in the garden even with snow on the ground.
Shield your garden from the bitter cold, disease, and hungry animals, especially deer which will forage even in snow. Winterize your garden plants now with some easy measures, and plants will rest well, ready to burst with beauty in spring.

Before temperatures dip and snow arrives, winterize garden plants and shrubs so they are poised to handle the seasonal challenges. In addition to the immediate benefits, some plant fortification now means an easier transition in spring! Read some simple tips below on how to winterize.

Start At Ground Level

Begin with soil protection measures, to mitigate damage to the “cradle” of the landscape.

*Clear and discard lingering weeds and other debris.

*Water plants before the ground freezes for hydration and to provide insulation, which keeps roots shielded. Moist ground stays warmer than dry soil, so a pre-freeze watering is a real plus.

*Add a light coat of mulch or shredded leaves around the plant base for moisture retention and extra insulation. This natural cover also helps prevent frost heave, which occurs when unprotected soil freezes and shifts, potentially exposing roots.

Clean Up and Cover Up

Remove leaves and broken branches from your plants, to keep disease at bay and hungry animals away. Dead branches should be carefully pruned and discarded.

After tidying up, bundle your evergreen shrubs such as azaleas, boxwoods, and hollies in burlap for their winter naps.  

Add a layer of protection to ornamental and newly planted trees with tree wraps, which help prevent frost damage and discourage nibbling animals.

Frost blankets (aka floating row covers) come in handy for raised beds, and newly planted specimens. These and other plant covers are generally lightweight and porous, allowing sunlight and water in while keeping the cold out. There are many plant cover options that can effectively and safely winterize garden plants.

Winterize Garden Plants With Smells That Repel

In addition to threats from the elements, the unprotected garden is vulnerable to hungry herbivores in search of meals. Plants must fend off these animals, especially deer and voles which are noted for damaging landscapes even in the snow.

How? Make your plantings repulsive to animals with eco-friendly, # 1 rated Bobbex Deer Repellent. Bobbex is created with animal proteins and other organic elements that smell and taste bad to animals. Bobbex sprays right on plants, will not wash off in rain, dries clear in a few hours, and can be applied during all four seasons. What’s more, Bobbex will not harm people, pets, plants, wildlife or aquatic life.

Your Plants Will Thank You In Spring

It is almost winter. A time for gardens and gardeners to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The best way to provide a safe and undisturbed winter respite for your plantings is to protect them from inclement weather and foraging animals. To accomplish this, follow the tips in this blog which include good plant hygiene, shielding the soil, and Bobbex! In spring, your garden will shower you with thanks in the form of beautiful, healthy, colorful plants.

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