Bobbex by Any Other Name…


Bobbex Deer Repellent was developed in the late 1980’s by Robert Ecsedy at his home in Newtown, Connecticut. The brand is named for Bob Ecsedy (pronounced X-City –Bob X-City becomes Bobbex).

What remains fascinating are the various spellings that we’ve encountered over the years!

  • Bobbex
  • Bobex
  • Bobb ex
  • Bob Ex
  • Bob X
  • Bobb
  • Babb
  • Bobit
  • Bobbitt
  • Bobeck’s
  • Bobx
  • Bobex
  • Bob bex
  • Bobby ex
  • Bobbox
  • Bobbix
  • Bopbbxe
  • Bobich
Can you come up with any others?

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