Independent study conducted by the CT
Department of Forestry and Horticulture


Your 100% Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

If you are not 100% satisfied with any Bobbex product, will refund the price paid through this site, or replace with an item of equal value.*

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John Ofiero

Have been using Bobbex for a long time. If it has Bobbex on it, guaranteed it won't get eaten! Great product!

Christine Collins

Thank you so much for once again providing excellent customer service!! My customer was thrilled! I greatly appreciate your timely turnaround and prompt attention to our request!! You are the best!!

L. Stevens Claremont, NH

I find it easy to use, lasts a long time and is reasonably priced.

Borderline Farm

…Deer have utterly destroyed unprotected young fruit / nut trees in years past… 2 of our 5 Balaton cherries had 80% of their new growth stripped by just one deer. 3 weeks after the 1st application and there is evidence of several deer moving through the orchard but absolutely NO evidence of further browsing and the damaged Balaton are now bouncing back.

Confidential per request

My location is 8x overpopulated with deer…they would actually watch me plant my flowers and then eat them shortly after I was done. Bobbex to the rescue. All summer - BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS and bushes.  Thank you Bobbex.

Confidential per request

I swear by Bobbex. We have a large deer population in the woods around our subdivision but I am able to keep my flowers and plants 100% intact by applying the Bobbex repellent weekly. My neighbors have tried other remedies / repellents and the deer have wreaked havoc on their plants. Great product!

Douglas Guy

Our property backs up to a stream and wooded area. Bobbex is the only product we have found that routinely "reroutes" the deer. We tried a bunch of products… this is the only thing that works…I recommend it to everyone who asks about our lush landscape!


Before Bobbex the deer were eating everything in sight. Now they just walk away. This is the only deer repellent that actually works.

Environmentally Friendly Protection

Bobbex Repellents Prevent Damage from Herbivores!
  • Deer Damage

    Prevent damage to shoots, twigs,
    grass, clover, leaves, bark, fruit
    trees, landscaping,
  • Rabbit Damage

    Prevent damage to seedlings,
    bulbs, , flowers2C
    shrubs, bark and gardens
  • Squirrel Damage

    Prevent uprooting of plants and
    flowers, stripped bark, feeding on
    nuts and fruit
  • Groundhog Damage

    Prevent damage to flowerbeds,
    20gardens, grass, farm
    fields, fruit trees, ornamentals
  • Chipmunk Damage

    Prevent burrow undermining and damage to bulbs, bark, nuts, fruits, seeds, seedlings
  • Vole Damage

    Prevent damage to landscape,
    orchards, hedges, timber
    plantings, seedlings

Why Choose Bobbex?

Only Bobbex delivers ALL these Proven Advantages!
  • Rated #1 Effective

    A Connecticut Dept of Forestry & Horticulture study revealed Bobbex works best—second only to a physical fence!
  • Eco-Friendly

    NOT a poison or insecticide. When used as directed, Bobbex is safe for environment, people, plants, pets, and wildlife.
  • Long Lasting

    Won’t wash off in rain or snow, Bobbex lasts for weeks during growth seasons—even longer during dormant season!
  • Easy to Apply

    A fast covering topical spray, Bobbex is actually GOOD for plants, flowers, and bulbs, so over-spraying is never a worry!


If you are not 100% satisfied with any Bobbex product, will refund the price paid through this site, or replace with an item of equal value.*

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