5 Reasons to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden Right Now

Tired of losing your garden to deer damage? Here are 5 reasons why you should take proactive steps to prevent deer browsing before it starts:

1) They’re desperate in early spring. Over the long cold winter, deer exhaust their food supply. They’re most ravenous just when your tender perennials are poking through the soil and are most vulnerable.

2) They’re creatures of habit. Once deer find a good meal, they’ll keep returning for more. Don’t let them consider your yard a salad bar. Discouraging their presence in the first place is more effective than trying to deter them once they’ve established a pattern.

3) They’ll eat more than 500 types of plants. Deer-resistant landscaping is a lovely idea in theory. In practice, deer will eat nearly anything if they’re hungry enough. Keeping those antlered menaces out of your yard and away from your plants is the best approach.

4) Deer browsing can invite tree disease. Famished deer can not only denude trees, but also cause breaks in the tree bark. This can lead to disease and open the tree up to insect predation.

5) They harbor disease-carrying ticks. Perhaps the biggest problem with having deer in your yard is not plant damage, but the health threat to you, your family, and your pets. Deer ticks carry Lyme disease as well as other potentially serious pathogens that, when not detected and treated early, can be tenacious and debilitating. Lyme disease peaks in late spring / early summer, so deterring deer before growing season starts is vital.

To keep deer at bay from the get-go, start spraying with Bobbex Deer Repellent as soon as temperatures rise above freezing. According to an independent study conducted by the Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture, Bobbex provides greater protection than any other repellent tested, second only to a physical fence. Use environmentally friendly Bobbex long before the deer declare open season on your garden.

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